Fuse9 - Quick & Dirty Portfolio

 The Hulk  Character Portrait

This image of The Hulk began as a quick sculpt in ZBrush beginning with a sphere. I pasted a screenshot into Photoshop to do some tests, and wound up with this. I don't think I will do anymore  to it since it is so low res. I may go back into ZBrush to correct some problems, and finish it off there though.

 Scrumpcho  Character Design

Here is an interactive view (Flash) of the completed Scrumpcho design. I modeled him in Silo, and Painted, rigged, and rendered him in Cinema4D and BodyPaint... There are plans for illustrations and animations using Scrump along with Zoit and Sluggo!

 Some fun with Sculpey  Character Design

I have been wanting to try out traditional sculpting for a while now. So I finally bought some Sculpey and gave it a shot. I am pretty much pleased with it as a basic first attempt =) I will be making a full 3D model of this guy.... But probably using something that includes an "undo" option ;)

 Sluggo (pet slug)  Character Design

I made this guy using the same eye ball I created for the last character. Created with ZBrush and Cinema4D. Click for an interactive 3D rotation.

 ED - Eye Dude  Character Design

This guy was created as a Halloween promo for my buddies at The Danse. I also created our new logo he is holding. The Danse is the company I am now proudly working with =) Check us out - TheDanse.com (new site in the works)

 Zoit  Character Design

Cartoony alien character created with Silo and Cinema4D. Still a work in progress. I ((and my 3d buddies at The Danse)) plan to do some animations with him in the near future. You can also click HERE for an interactive wireframe view.

 Fromp  Character Design

One more froggie. This one done using ZBrush, Silo, Cinema4D, and Photoshop.

 F9 Keebo (w.i.p.)  Character Design and Animation

Here you can see Keebo strut the Fuse9 colors...
Vector, bitmap, and flash video animations...
CLICK HERE to see the concept for the next Fuse9 site.

erain User Showcase  Flash 3d Vector Animation

I used Swift3D to render an animation of Keebo for the good people at electricrain. Their Swift3D products are the industry standard for creating 3D content for Flash...... I'm psyched to be included in their "User Showcase" gallery =]

 Keebo  Character Design and Animation
Here is a character I am experimenting with. Most of what you will see here is "work in progress." The tools used include Wings3D, MotionBuilder, LightWave, and Photoshop. Flash is used to present a test walk/sneak animation...
Yeah. I guess I have a thing for frogs now ;p

 ORT   Animation, Flash 3D, Motion Capture
Ort was a mascot for a cd-rom project for OrthopaedicsOnline (Smith&Nephew). The project was orchestrated by Inferno Advertising... Be sure to see the motion capture tests done with Ort on this page.... just for kicks ;)

 FirstSouth Bank  Character Design and Animation
This project was my first serious attempt at character modeling and animation. I learned quite a bit completing the two 30sec spots. Glenn Childs managed this project.

 Lutron  3D Previsualization
The purpose of this project was to show the power of Lutron's state of the art lighting solutions. I was responsible for the modeling, rendering, and animation of the lighting. I worked closely with Dane Williams (Ram-Graphics) on this project. He was responsible for the projects interactive design.

 Orc (unfinished)  Character Design - Illustration
This was my entry in a contest to design a monster in Wings3D. I never intended to take it as far as I did... If I had it to do over, I would not have used the default lighting and surface properties in Wings. I think it still may be worth showing.... thanks to Photoshop!

 Head (w.i.p.)  Head Model
This is a model of a human head (minus the ears) that I am working on in Wings3D.

 Fuzatron  Character Design
Robot created to promote Fuse9. Created with LightWave 3D. He can be seen in my OLD DEMO REEL.

 Visible School  Motion Graphics (video)
Animated treatments of Visible School's logo. These animations were used in a kiosk and multimedia CD produced by Dane Williams of Ram-Graphics.

 Primacy  Motion Graphics (video)
This is an animated logo treatment done using Adobe AfterEffects and Illustrator. Project produced by Inferno Advertising.

 NuVasive  Motion Graphics (video)

This is the opening animation taken from an animated presentation I created for Inferno Advertising. Created with LightWave and AfterEffects.
Clicking the image will open a 1.5mb QuickTime movie. You can also right-click the image to save it to your hard drive.

 MemphisMusicSource  Motion Graphics (Flash)
This is the beginning of a project that lost funding. I created the graphics/animation as well as the logo design.

 FedEx WebU  3D Modeling / Flash / QuickTime
I was responsible for the 3D and Flash work on this project. The designs are based on drawings by Mandy Austin. Darren Chaney managed the project. Jeff Drzycimski produced the videos shown inside the bldgs. We did this project while working at iXL. NOTE: This was created before Flash had video support. Entering the buildings no longer works with the latest version of QuickTime =(

 Medtronic  Virtual Tour (3D Previsualization)
This is a virtual tour of a mobile training facility. I was responsible for the 3D modeling and rendering. Dane Williams used these renders in the production of the interactive tour. I will have some renders posted here soon. But for now you can see more HERE.

 CMage  My previous site (3D Design and Flash)
This is my old web site. Not much to see there now other than a few old things in the gallery. But I still kinda like the splash page =) The graphics and interface were created using Amapi3D, Photoshop, and Flash.


 Flash Interactive Motion Graphics

This is my previous F9 site. The content is somewhat outdated. But if you are looking for more than my portfolio, this is your best bet. I am currently working on a new site design... Stay tuned =)